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Green Scenery is concerned that 60% of the total area in one of the districts in Sierra Leone could soon be converted for large-scale industrial oil palm plantations.

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Success Stories

“In former times I was a local chief. Now I am a Peacebuilder” 
Green Scenery trained community Peacebuilders in the North, East and South of the country in Constructive Conflict Resolution tools and established CoPNet, a network of 120 Community Peacebuilders.

Main areas of intervention of this volunteer service to communities are intergroup and interpersonal conflicts like domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, conflicts between youth of political parties. Equipped with constructive conflict resolution tools, Community Peacebuilders are looking for win-win-solutions and are introducing non violent ways of solving conflicts. Read More

Peer Mediators Networks “14 Days - 14 Ways Campaign”
Between 2003 und 2008 Green Scenery trained hundreds of school teachers in environmental management and conflict resolution, educated thousands of children on environmental issues and human rights, introduced conflict resolution and transformation to hundreds of students. Peer Mediators engage as volunteers in intra-school and inter-school conflicts and are advocates for peaceable schooling. Confronted with violent incidents between party youth through local government election, PeMNet came up with their “14 Days 14 Ways”- campaign with 14 strategies to demystify perceptions of political opponents and focus on common ground. Thousand students participated in Bo, Kenema, Makeni and Freetown in the campaign. The outcome was impressive: The election turned out to be none violent. 
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Advocating for a “green” Sierra Leone

Bringing theory and practice together, tree planting was one of the first activities Green Scenery organized with communities and school children who were at the same time educated on environmental protection.
Thousands of trees were planted on fragile and deforested lands in the country, especially in forest reserves. 
Complemented with awareness raising campaigns on deforestation and its impact on people’s lives, the initiative became popular. Today Sierra Leone is celebrating a nationwide “Tree Planting day”. 
Green Scenery advocated together with ENFORAC for a ban on the exploitation of wood in Sierra Leone. In January 2010 the network succeeded. The Sierra Leonean government banned the cutting of wood. But in July the ban was partly lifted and caused an outcry of environmental organizations. 
Green Scenery is an active member of ENFORAC, a watchdog and national network of organizations monitoring the destruction of the environment and advocating for an environmental friendly  “green”  Sierra Leone.
Report on tree planting in Sierra Leone 

Ban on explosives
Through advocacy Green Scenery has been able to bring about changes in policy and government decisions, e.g.a. the organization was instrumental in bringing about the ban in the use of explosives and other noxious substances to fishing in the waters of Sierra Leone. 
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January 2013: Launch of the Global Hunger Index 2012 in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is ranked 71st out of 79 countries.

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