Board of Directors

The board of directors supports Green Scenery in identifying strategies for the development of the organization and assesses its annual performance. Members form also part of the interviewing panels for Green Scenery’s recruitment processes. The board meets quarterly and annually.

The Chairman

Abu A. Brima is a renowned human rights and development activist in Sierra Leone. He is the National Coordinator of the Network Movement for Justice and Development. This organization has worked in many areas in and out of the country including Conakry, Guinea. Abu A. Brima is known in many quarters in the international community and has travelled extensively.

Financial Supervisor

Helen Bash-Taqui was a lecturer in the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology. While working with the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, she also served as Vice Chairperson of Directors of the National Forum for Human Rights. She was Senior Programme Officer for Global Rights, Partners for Justice and consultant for the British Council’s Justice Sector Development Project. Helen Bash-Taqi is practicing as private consultant and has vast international experience.


Martyna Foday is a lecturer at the Freetown Teachers’ College. She is knowledgeable in development work and especially in the work of Green Scenery. She served as Chairperson for the organization when it was still in its voluntary status and led Green Scenery to its transition to an NGO. She has vast international experience.

Isaac Lappia served as the Director of Amnesty International Sierra Leone for six years and briefly as Head of Programs for Global Rights, Partners for Justice in the country. He completed a study program in the United States of America and later joined a UN mission in Kenya. Isaac Lappia at all times provides critical direction and meaningful contribution to board decisions.