Our Concern

Green Scenery is concerned that 60% of the total area in one of the districts in Sierra Leone could soon be converted for large-scale industrial oil palm plantations.

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Green Scenery partners launch Bike Riders Union more

About Us

Who we are
Green Scenery is a local Not-for-profit and Non-governmental Organization (NNGO), established in 1989. The organization has gone through an evolutionary process building on experiences and synthesising these experiences with pragmatic innovations that has led the organization designed its current niche referred to as environment and human security programme.

Green Scenery has a clearly defined vision and mission, policy, and objectives. We take inspiration from the worth and well being of every human being with the urge to offer opportunities for everyone to live a dignified existence, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, origin, religion, or political conviction. 

It is registered with the Registrar General, and the Ministry of Development and Economic Planning.

Head Office
Regional Office

What we do

Green Scenery utilizes interdisciplinary methodology in environment, human rights and good governance, peacebuilding, and livelihood security to promote and enhance environment and human security as a major development paradigm.

Our Environment and Human Security programme anchors four main project areas: Environmental promotion and protection; Livelihood security; Human rights and governance; and peacebuilding and conflict resolution. Our approach integrates advocacy and lobbying for policy change that should enhance the circumstances of those we work with.

Because Green Scenery believes in the strength of people, our interventions in our programme empowers our beneficiaries through:
Capacity building
Public education
Direct support
Technical and mentorship support


Why it matters
Green Scenery believes that people, particularly the vulnerable, must be empowered to work on their own development with minimal guidance from outside. This belief is borne out of the conviction that all human beings have great potentials which if tested can yield tremendous benefit and can assert self esteem and accomplishment that goes with it.

Green Scenery therefore sees its approach as one that leads to sustainable development where people take control of their own development and destiny. We want to see that happen in the life of the people we serve so we aspire to achieve it.

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January 2013: Launch of the Global Hunger Index 2012 in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is ranked 71st out of 79 countries.

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