18,000 trees at Mambo Waterfall

Implementing a project for the Freetown City Council and the Environmental Foundation for Africa, Green Scenery is planting around 35,000 trees on the Freetown Peninsula. The hilly areas of Angola…

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Village saving schemes for women farmer

In 10 villages of Port-Loko women groups were introduced to a new saving method.

The village savings and loan association (VSLA) scheme is a micro-finance method that was started by CARE. It reduces poverty by financially and socially empowering poor and vulnerable people. The VSLA gives its members a place to save their money, to access loans and to obtain emergency funds. The Governance and management of the fund is entirely by its members.
Green Scenery provided the kits to 10 women farmer groups and spent 3 days in a training to explain the method and carry out practical exercises. Green Scenery will continue to provide support to the groups during more than a year. (more…)

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30 Years Green Scenery

On two separate days, Friday the 18th and Sunday the 20th of October, Green Scenery marked their establishment day, a story starting on the 20th of October 1989, which was thirty years ago. The Executive Director, Joseph Rahall, said: “I never imagined that Project Green Scenery (PGS) would transformed into Green Scenery and come this far.” (more…)

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Land Mapping in Port-Loko

During a project with FAO named “Creating Peaceful Societies Through Women’s Improved Access to Management of Natural Resources, Land Tenure and Economic Empowerment in Sierra Leone”, Green Scenery proceeded to a Land Mapping of the land owning families in Koya, Port-Loko district

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