Policy Briefs

2022 – Parliamentary Briefing Note on Customary Land Rights and National Land Commission Bills

2021 – Large Scale Land Acquisition in Africa: the case of Socfin in Sierra Leone

2021 – Update on Land, Agriculture, Environment and Forestry issues in Sierra Leone

2018 – Women’s Rights and Access to use and own Natural Resources like Land

2012 – Large Scale Land Investments in Sierra leone

2011 – Land Investment deals in Sierra Leone

Press Releases & Open Letters

2022/05 – Open Letter to RSPO: Backlash for Human Rights Defenders after petition against the certification of SOCFIN in Sierra Leone

2022/05 – Arbitrary harassment and criminalization of land activists in Malen Chiefdom, peacefully objecting to the RSPO certification of SOCFIN

2022/02 – RSPO certificate for SOCFIN in Sierra Leone despite blatant land conflict

2021/07 – Civil Society Letter to FAO on the Snail Paced Progress of the Land Reform Process

2021/05 – Green Scenery is Petrified over the Lack of Consideration for Environmental Prudence and Respect for Due Process in the Black Johnson Fish Harbour issue

2021/03 – President Maada Bio makes further promise to resolve the Malen dispute soon

2020/12 – Eighteen Accused MALOA Members Discharged

2020/06 – Food Security & COVID-19 in Sierra Leone

2020/01 – Green Scenery is anxious to see the Government of Sierra Leone put behind logging and log exporting as a means of revenue generation.

2020/03 – Open Letter to the VP on the Malen Dispute Technical Committee

2015 – ALLAT- Press release on Malen Incident

2014 – In the midst of the Ebola Epidemic, SOCFIN posed to capture Malen chiefdom

2013/10 – Victimising the victims of land grabbing in malen chiefdom

2013/04 – Is our country part of the “wild west”? A moratorium on large-scale land leases for agriculture is urgently needed in Sierra Leone

2012/12 – Aggrieved landowners and land-users in Malen Chiefdom, Pujehun, call on Human Rights Commission to intervene against human rights violations by Paramount Chief and chiefdom authorities in Socfin operation area

2012/10 – Hunger, Food Security and Large Scale Land Leases For Industrial Agriculture Must Be On The Political Agenda Of All Political Parties For The 2012 Election

2012/06 – Land Owner Protests against Socfin’s Operation as Police Intimidation Continues

2011/10 – Early Warning: Growing tension in Malen Chiefdom. Police arrested protesters against large scale land deal. Stakeholders should get onto the negotiation table

2011/06 – Green Scenery Launches Oakland Institute Country Report Sierra Leone: Study Reveals Serious Problems With Large Land Deals And Agricultural Investment In The Country

2011/05 The Socfin Land Deal Missing Out On Best Practices

2011/04 Green Scenery Frowns on The African Minerals Agreement

2008/04 – governemnt’s loose position on recommendation six of the jenkins johnston commission of inquiry is not enough. we call for a much stronger government position.

2008/03 – Political intolerance and disrespect for legitimate authority is untenable and a recipe for violent conflict

2007/12 – Environmental scarcity will lead to violent conflict. the Koidu violence is typical

2004/02 – koidu holding’s environmental impact assessment



2019 – Green Scenery Safeguarding Policy

2014 – 12 steps Community protocol for Large Scale Land Acquisitions

2009 – Community Peacebuilding For Development Manual

2009 – An Introduction to Peace Education for Senior Secondary School Pupils in Sierra Leone

2009 – Peace Education for Senior Secondary Schools, teacher’s guide

2008 – Creative and Constructive in Intervention in Conflict

2008 – Basic Mediation Skills (BMS)