Our Team

Executive Director

Joseph Rahall – B.Sc. in Agriculture, M.A. Environmental Security and Peace, Fellow Transitional Justice

Joseph Rahall is the pioneer in the establishment of Green Scenery in 1989, when he was still a high school teacher. He has also played a key role in establishing organizations such as the National Forum for Human Rights and the National League for Human Rights. Joseph Rahall has worked as a journalist and as an editor of a newspaper and has served in various voluntary capacities in organizations like the Sierra Leone Adult Education Association and the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists. He has travelled extensively and is nationally and internationally well-known.

Email: Josephrahall@gmail.com


Project Coordinator

Mohamed E.J. Kargbo – B.Sc. in Public Sector Management, M.A. in development Management

Mohamed E.J. Kargbo joined Green Scenery in 2017. After studying social work, public management and development management, he worked for different NGOs in Sierra Leone, among others, for eight years with Don Bosco Fambul.

Today he coordinated Green Scenery’s project “Advocating for Rights Based Approach to Pro-poor Land Governance in Sierra Leone” in cooperation with our development partner Christian Aid.

Email: mejkargbo@gmail.com


Advocacy Officer

Fatmata Salisu – Diploma in Social work and Psychological care

Fatmata Salisu works with Green Scenery since 2003. She trained successfully Peacebuilders in schools all over Sierra Leone and implemented the Bike Riders project. Currently she is advocating for communities affected by large-scale land investments in agriculture. Coordination, implementation and monitoring of project activities form part of her responsibilities

email: fatmatasalisu@gmail.com


Finance Officer

Abu AmaraT.C., H.T.C. secondary, Diploma and B.Sc. in Financial Services

Abu Amara is responsible for the preparation of payment vouchers, payroll and salary slips, bank reconciliation statements and requisitions. He prepares documents for internal and external audit processes and assists programs staff in the preparation of project budgets.

email: abumarah281@yahoo.com


Administrative Officer

Francess MawendehH.T.C secondary, B.ed. Business Studies

Francess Mawendeh is responsible for administrative and human resources aspects at Green Scenery. She plans, directs and coordinates the administrative functions of an organization.

email: francessmawendeh@gmail.com


Executive Secretary

Fudia SwarayCertificate and Diploma in Business Administration

Fudia Swaray started as an intern with Green Scenery in 2008. She became Field Officer and later strengthened environmental education within the Western Area Peninsula Forest Reserve Project. As Executive Secretary, Fudia is today responsible for all incoming and outgoing documentations and also assists in other activities, like workshops and trainings.

email: swarray_fudia81@yahoo.com


Land Use Planning Officer

Joseph Kallon – B.Sc. of Arts in Conflict Studies

Joseph works with Green Scenery for 4 years. He is responsible for spatial research and boundary mapping of rural communities.

email: josephkallon115@gmail.com


Research and Information Officer

Danie Santigie Koroma B.Sc. of Arts with Honors in Library, Archive and Information Science

Daniel is our research officer. He has has professional in data gathering and archive management. Since 2019 with Green Scenery, he provides reliable information related to the monitoring of our project as well as baseline studies in land tenure, livelihood and agriculture.

email: danielkoroma33@gmail.com


Logistic Officer

Claudius Williams

Claudius Williams is helping to manage the office. He assures that the infrastructure is well maintained. Since 2001 he is working with Green Scenery in Freetown.



Mamaduh J. Bah

Mamaduh is Green Scenery’s driver. He makes sure that everybody arrives safe and sound wherever our workshops, research trips or meetings bring us.


Development Advisor

Yannick Wild – B.Sc. of Arts in Political Sciences and Sociology

Yannick has experience working with small CSOs and NGOs in Europe, Latin America and Africa in communication, security management, advocacy, project design, and fundraising.

He started working with Green Scenery in 2019 through the Civil Peace Service program. He supports the organization in various tasks, ranging from project design, over advocacy to activity implementation.

email: wildyannick@hotmail.com


Global Mission Fellow Intern as Environment Program Officer

Godknows Maremera – BSc Honours in Geography and Environmental Studies

Godknows works closely with the Advocacy Team in organizing advocacy activities, including seminars, conferences, and some specific campaigns. He Assists in designing, planning, implementing and monitoring advocacy project activities, and in organizing seminars, workshops and special lectures.
Godknows Participates and represent the organization in various networks and meetings.
Finally, he assists in recording minutes of the meetings (where required), and preparing reports and collecting reliable data and information related to large-scale land investments in agriculture.