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Environmental Governance

Oversfishing in Sierra Leone impacts negatively the communities of Sherbo Island, in the South of Sierra Leone. The 2015, 20min documentary show the practices and the views of the community people.

Assessment of Gbongokama Forest

Enviroscope in a short documentary, follows in 2010 Joseph Rahall, director of Green Scenery in Bonthe, in an assessment of the biodiversity of the forest and swamp of Gbongokama. Green Scenery tries to understand how the people in the area interact with nature and to find ways for them to interact with nature in a non-destructive way.


Enviroscope discusses Gbongokama Forest

Following the assessment of Gbongokama’s biodiversity, enviroscope invites Joseph Rahall, director of Green Scenery, Patrick Njomboi, regional forestry officer Bonth, and a natural science lecturer at Njala University to discuss the situation of the Gbongokama forest.

Gbongokama Forest – Livelihood alternatives for its community

In order to protect its forest, the community of Gbongokama was given livelihood alternatives to charcoal production and other destructive activities in 2010. The video shows the new production of “Garri” by community people and other activities.